Ideapad internal mic does not work

Hello, I come across an issue related to the laptop’s internal mic. Even if the mic is detected since one can see it in the settings-sound, it does not detect the input. I tried to do the trick with the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-local.conf script, but it didn’t work. Also, when I use an external USB mic it works. Last but not least, the internal mic of the BlueTooth-headset does not work either. Please help me.

Try to follow this steps … maybe it helps you to find a solution:

I hope you are not scared about the Linux Terminal :wink:

Could you help me to do the remap step please? I don’t know how to perform this step maybe because I use the GUI of pavucontrol, and thus I cannot see the remapped section.

Also, I’ve tried to mute one channel, e.g. “From Left”, as someone suggested on the arch linux forum, but nothing happened.

The advanced option is not open, can you see something there?

Advanced option is disabled. The button is not usable.