Icons in Gnome are mixed with those of KDE

Hey guys, recently I installed the KDE Plasma desktop for my fedora, after using KDE for sometimes, I switched back to the gnome session, however, I noticed that most of the icons were from KDE and others are mixed with gnome’s.
Edit: I was able to switch back to the default adiwata icons using tweaks, however, some of my extension icons (clipboard history and bluetooth) do not reset

Those types of issues are common when running multiple DE sessions and sharing a user account.

Try deleting ~/gtkrc-2.0 and logging out and back in. Of course, when you switch back to KDE you may need to adjust settings there again.

I did not make a backup prior to the KDE installation so I don’t know if there are other issues with my fedora as a result of running two different DEs

I don’t know how to delete the gtk 2.0

rm ~/.gtkrc-2.0

You can also open nautilus click on show hidden files in your home folder then delete it.


Thanks, this also worked