Icon for `Add to Home screen` is a bit messed up

I just discovered the really neat feature of Add to Home screen while visiting this forum on my Firefox mobile browser. It gives me a really nice shortcut directly to this forum, full screen and responsive. It really does almost behave like a native app. :+1:

The main downside is a less than optimal icon:

So I went digging around and it seems that the icon used is specified in a manifest. The manifest for this forum is: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/manifest.webmanifest

Looking at the icon section of the manifest there are 2 icons listed, both pointing to the same CDN location. I find it ironic that the path has “optimized” in the name, since it is anything but optimized :laughing:. I understand it is referencing a different kind of optimize, but it is still amusing.

It seems probable that these are simply cropped out of the “branding” or main logo that I presume is configured somewhere in the site admin settings. Hopefully Discourse has an option to specify a specific icon for use in this manifest so that we can have something a little nicer on home screens around the world. Presumably the Fedora Infinity logo variant would be nicer in this context.

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So it seems that the Ask Fedora already has this nicely configured. This site should do the same. :grin:


You’re right! It is a site misconfiguration:

@mattdm or @duffy, do you know what logo or image would be best to use here instead?

I think what we really should have is proper icons for all of them. There are a lot, actually, and most of them shouldn’t just be a generic logo.

We actually finally have logo news coming up soon (ssssh, don’t tell anyone yet) and I think it probably makes the most sense at this point to make a Design Team request for proper new logos for all of these once that’s clear.

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OMG! :scream: :scream:

+1 for saving the Design Team from unnecessary work. But I wonder, do we have a PNG already from the fedora-logos repo that could be a band-aid fix for people like @troycurtisjr? I have (some of) them locally, but I want to make sure I do the trademark stuff right. :wink:

Looking at @mattdm screenshot, there is a logo in the “apple touch icon” section that looks workable and is already in use :wink:.

OK. So, I went ahead and updated the large_icon and let it trickle down into all of the other icons that inherit from large_icon. I used the social media bubble that @duffy created for the Telegram groups, so it should be in line with trademark guidelines.

Try now and see if it looks right @troycurtisjr?

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Looks great!