I updated F37 Silverblue today -- the machine is now crawling slow

ASUS Vivobook 16 cores Ryzen 7, 4Ghz, 2 graphics chips, primary onboard Auxillary NVDIA chip
Linux Beast 6.3.8-100.fc37.x86_64

I have been running Fedora Silver blue successfully (apart from some initial configuration problems) for several months. Silverblue is a hypervisor for virt-manager. I run some Fedora 37 machines and a copy of windows under it. The main disk is encrypted (because it is a laptop).

After the latest update the Windows machine runs constant cycles, and is very slow. In a power shell I can type then set back and watch the letters appear one by one. The Fedora machines are now too slow to play a youtube video. Copying a file to the main disk used be pretty much instantaneous now proceeds so slow that I can watch the %complete number increment.

A hint might be that top shows a couple dozen processes of the form

OK so I will go look to see how to back rev the os-tree. I am posting this to see if anyone else ran into this, and to let the developers know of the issue.

Can you file an issue at GitHub - fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker: Fedora Silverblue issue tracker and include the diff between your two versions?

$ rpm-ostree db diff

You can also try moving to Fedora 38.

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Good point F38 Silverblue is calling me.


In playing with this more, the F38 VM machines seem to recover. The Windows 10 VM machine is the one taking all the CPU cycles and causing the launch of all the kryptd processes. Perhaps the F38 machines are having to displace resources taken by the W10 machine. Top shows 25 MB in VM being used. Maybe the W10 machine has coincidentally decided that it needs to have a long conversation with MS and the update has nothing to do with this.

rpm-ostree db diff

container-selinux 2:2.216.0-1.fc37 β†’ 2:2.218.0-1.fc37
git-core 2.40.1-1.fc37 β†’ 2.41.0-1.fc37
git-core-doc 2.40.1-1.fc37 β†’ 2.41.0-1.fc37
gjs 1.74.2-1.fc37 β†’ 1.74.2-2.fc37
gnome-shell 43.5-1.fc37 β†’ 43.6-1.fc37
kernel 6.3.7-100.fc37 β†’ 6.3.8-100.fc37
kernel-core 6.3.7-100.fc37 β†’ 6.3.8-100.fc37
kernel-modules 6.3.7-100.fc37 β†’ 6.3.8-100.fc37
kernel-modules-core 6.3.7-100.fc37 β†’ 6.3.8-100.fc37
kernel-modules-extra 6.3.7-100.fc37 β†’ 6.3.8-100.fc37
mozjs102 102.9.0-1.fc37 β†’ 102.12.0-1.fc37
mutter 43.5-1.fc37 β†’ 43.6-1.fc37
vim-data 2:9.0.1607-1.fc37 β†’ 2:9.0.1627-1.fc37
vim-minimal 2:9.0.1607-1.fc37 β†’ 2:9.0.1627-1.fc37
vte-profile 0.70.5-1.fc37 β†’ 0.70.6-1.fc37
vte291 0.70.5-1.fc37 β†’ 0.70.6-1.fc37

I also installed gnome-tweaks on the F37 Silverblue hypervisor before the update, surely nothing to do with this, but I am mentioning it to be complete.