No updates published for f37 Silverblue since Feb 9th?

It looks like there were no updates published for f37 Silverblue since four days (Feb 9th)?

 awarda@fedora:~$ rpm-ostree status -b
State: idle
● fedora:fedora/37/x86_64/silverblue
                  Version: 37.20230209.0 (2023-02-09T00:46:24Z)
               BaseCommit: 319016f4e0ab3078cec37752128ff431bd77e3e71a122a5586df46b79097f050
             GPGSignature: Valid signature by ACB5EE4E831C74BB7C168D27F55AD3FB5323552A
          LayeredPackages: gnome-tweaks google-chrome-stable igt-gpu-tools libguestfs-tools libvirt libvirt-daemon-config-network libvirt-daemon-kvm libvirt-nss python3-libguestfs qemu-kvm terminator virt-install virt-manager virt-top virt-viewer

awarda@fedora:~$ rpm-ostree update
2 metadata, 0 content objects fetched; 788 B transferred in 2 seconds; 0 bytes content written
Checking out tree 319016f... done
Enabled rpm-md repositories: fedora-cisco-openh264 updates fedora google-chrome rpmfusion-nonfree-steam phracek-PyCharm rpmfusion-nonfree-nvidia-driver updates-modular fedora-modular updates-archive
Importing rpm-md... done
rpm-md repo 'fedora-cisco-openh264' (cached); generated: 2022-10-06T11:01:40Z solvables: 4
rpm-md repo 'updates' (cached); generated: 2023-02-13T00:33:13Z solvables: 18691
rpm-md repo 'fedora' (cached); generated: 2022-11-05T08:04:38Z solvables: 66822
rpm-md repo 'google-chrome' (cached); generated: 2023-02-10T17:33:19Z solvables: 3
rpm-md repo 'rpmfusion-nonfree-steam' (cached); generated: 2023-02-11T15:31:48Z solvables: 2
rpm-md repo 'phracek-PyCharm' (cached); generated: 2023-02-04T10:52:46Z solvables: 5
rpm-md repo 'rpmfusion-nonfree-nvidia-driver' (cached); generated: 2023-02-11T22:09:15Z solvables: 30
rpm-md repo 'updates-modular' (cached); generated: 2023-01-03T01:27:52Z solvables: 1464
rpm-md repo 'fedora-modular' (cached); generated: 2022-11-05T07:58:03Z solvables: 1454
rpm-md repo 'updates-archive' (cached); generated: 2023-02-13T01:19:47Z solvables: 24361
Resolving dependencies... done
No upgrade available.

β€œPR has been merged. Should be fixed tomorrow [Feb 14] with the next build.”

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Yes, it is resolved, rpm-ostree updates available again.