I have problems with my aoc monitor

I have some issues using HDMI to VGA adapter with my second monitor AOC 2270W - vga monitor,
the colors are kinda yellowish and it is very bright, literally unusable, is there drivers I need to intsall or something to make it work the way it should ? I also couldn’t find any color profile or driver compatible with fedora 36

Hi, can you test monitor (it might be faulty or miss-configured) with different computer and adapter (it might be faulty or unable to process FullHD@60Hz) with lower resolution and with some other monitor?
I doubt Fedora has anything to do with this issue and no driver is required for such adapter - it just changes standard digital HDMI signal to analog VGA one.

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I couldn’t find any solutions, I guess that is the image quality of the monitor

Have you tried calibrating monitor colours in it’s OSD?

Calibrate is unclickable

OSD - on-screen display - monitor settings managed with buttons on it’s case.