I can't add a Google account in the Merkuro app in Fedora Kinoite

Hi, I’m trying to add a Google account in the Merkuro calendar application using Fedora Kinoite. The app is layered, but after install it, the list of sources is empty and I can’t add my Google Calendar account. The list of sources is showed correctly after installing Merkuro in the mutable spin with KDE Plasma, so I think there are some missing KDE components in Kinoite.

My problem is: What are the missing components in Fedora Kinoite? I tried to install some packages listed here, but I didn’t get any result. merkuro-23.08.4-1.fc39 - Fedora Packages

Afaik Mercuro is still in very early development. It looks nice for sure.

Account management would probably require akonadi too.

You might have more luck asking Carl Schwan on discuss.kde.org