How to use gs connect in fedora 34

i have installed gs connect from software center but unable to use that i can’t find the app in setting as well as on the show application drawer i have kde connect app installed in my device also but did not understand how to do that thank you

GSConnect is a gnome-extension and so you must start the extension app under Gnome and there enable GSConnect and check the settings icon of the extension and adjust it for your connected device. Don’t forget to connect your device and start the app on device before the above mentioned actions. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

yes i have set this up now but still i think kde connect app in kde plasma was way easier gnome and fedora should work together and make it like kde what they offers bcoz gnome is always for non tech savvy ones and they might not figure it out. how can i give this suggestion to the gnome team and if you agree which me and you could do that. request this thank you.

Plasma and Gnome are two different worlds and so I see no chance that Gnome would implement your wish. You have the choice which desktop you want to use. You must live with GSConnect. Regards.

Yes i do understand and i love all kde xfce and gnome but kde implementation is nice for kde connect. So gnome should make a app like zorin made zorin connect which is not kde connect but works and looks same. Please request this to gnome team i don’t know how to do that…

You can search this forum for contacting the gnome team. Please do not expect us to do the search for you.

I have seen several posts about how to do exactly that since fedora 34 with gnome 40 was released

You can check their community and you could ask how the status looks like for the integration in gnome 40.
If you ask friendly they might point you out where you find the information you looking for.

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i am actually new to linux so i don’t know that much about linux compare to you guys.

You never learn if you are not willing to try. Acting too timid to try gives you no points.

We can’t hold your hand, but only point you in the right direction.

At first i am using fedora for past 2month and after dnf update my pc boot up become extremely slow i have made a post about none have given me a solution for that. Please give me a solution for that issue. Thanks