How to use blivet gui to resize an LVM partition?

I tried to use blivet gui from a Fedora Workstation installation disk. So I boot that media, go to the LVM section and find the virtual partitions there.

However, when I right-click and go to “Edit”, the entry is greyed-out.

Fedora 31

Alternatively: Is there any other GUI that can edit the size of the inner LVM partitions? I’ve tried gnome-disks, gparted and blivet. Gparted does only recognize the disks and GNOME disks does not help either.

I want to avoid using the command line for this. People say LVM has resizable partitions… they claim, at least. I did not see it so far… :wink:

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Okay, strangely with a live image of Fedora 32 it worked. :thinking:

Also answered the question on Stackexchange.

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I notice the same issue. My first thought is that the volume needs to be unmounted before resizing. I tried it, and unmounting makes “Format” and “Set label” available, but still “Resize” remains greyed out.

Is this an issue with blivet-gui or usage?

Which version do you use?
And yes, certainly it needs to be unmounted, but when booted with a live CD that is by default the case.

The steps on SE did work for me with a Fedora 31 live CD.

I used the current version in Fedora 31 which is blivet-gui v2.1.12.

Yes, your steps with a live CD should work, but that does not explain why it doesn’t work while the OS on the drive is booted. I believe I did previously resize an LVM volume with blivet-gui while booted, but it was a long time ago so I’m not 100% sure anymore.

Ah, well I wanted to resize the system partition. That’s why I used a live system.

Anyway, try Fedora 32, maybe it’s indeed fixed there.

Same thing on Fedora 32 with blivet-gui v2.1.13.

Well… then I have no idea what’s happening. Maybe try your luck by asking/creating a bug report on Issues · storaged-project/blivet-gui · GitHub though. :smiley:

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