Server Image Not Detecting Existing LVM

After my initial struggle getting the disk image, I found that more trouble is lurking with Fedora 33.

Using the Blivet-GUI as I have always chosen since its introduction, the disks are listed as well as their physical partitions. However, all logical partitions (e.g. LVM and md-based RAID systems) are not found and displayed.

In order to change, one needs to get back to the console (Ctrl+Alt+F3), then manually type in mdadm --assemble --scan for getting the RAID online, as well as lvchange -a a <your_VG_here> to do the same for any LVs.

It may need to be done twice as Blivet-GUI is not always seeing this change and scanning in the disks again undoes the commands above. Though after a second time it is usually there.

However, compared to all previous versions Blivet was part of, this is a major hassle installing and can bite an unsuspecting admin in the rear. Maybe this can be verified by the one or other in the community before waking sleeping dogs at “Bugzilla Central”.

For those who want to test, there is no need to actually install Fedora Server. Just run the installer into the Blivet partitioning tool after having selected any LVM-containing disk and check out what partitions you got.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Fedora 33 Server ISO
  • existing LVM and/or md-based RAID disk(s) you “want to install to”
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