How to unistall bluetooth in Fedora?

I want to uninstall Bluetooth from both settings and the driver. How could I do that?

How about just stopping, disabling, and masking the service?

systemctl stop bluetooth.service

systemctl disable bluetooth.service

systemctl mask bluetooth.service

Bluetooth driver is included with the kernel, so apart from rebuilding the Fedora kernel package without it by yourself, there’s no other option. You could blacklist the relevant driver (module) by adding a file called, for example, /etc/modprobe.d/bluetooth.conf with the contents blacklist yourbluetoothdriver and rebuilding the initrd (dracut -vf for the currently running kernel). To disable the service, you could follow @augenauf 's advice and, additionally, disable bluetooth in the settings or run rfkill bluetooth. You should also be able to remove some BlueTooth-related packages like bluez. On one of my machines that has no BlueTooth, I only have “bluez-libs” package installed.


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