How to turn off e-mail notification for a certain thread?

How I can turn off the E-mail notification for a thread that I have not turned on?

Thank you.

Change it from “Watched” to “Tracking” or “Normal”

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Thank you for your answer. But I have never activated the tracking: Look here: []. I wrote an answer to a question and from this day on I get for every answer an E-Mail against my will. What’s going wrong here. I have never used tracking and I will not use it.

Go to your preferences and change the setting in the below picture to normal.

What is that topic set to in the combobox at the bottom? That box can be changed for you depending on your preferences.

You can disable most of the email notifications in your preferences by settings this to “Never”

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Okay I have changed the settings and now I will see what happens in the next days.