How to filter notifications email for a tag

Hi. Before we switched to tags I used to have an email filter for my “coreos” stuff that would filter discussion forums posted to the coreos board to a place so I would see it sooner.

header :regex    "List-Id" "coreos.*"

Since the changeover to tags I was originally no longer getting any notifications, but since that is fixed I now get notifications but I can’t figure out a good way to filter it. The email source doesn’t really have any identifying information I can use to filter based on the tag.

Has anyone encountered or figured out this problem?

See Tag-based email filtering. If your client supports regex filtering, you could probably filter on something like "Subject" "\[Fedora\].*coreos". If you’re using GMail’s filters like me, you’re out of luck, basically.

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Thanks @bcotton. I’ll check it out!