How to set write permission for toolbox?

toolbox run --container cont touch /mnt/point/test
touch: cannot touch ... : Read-only file system

touch /mnt/point/test
does succeed

I think this is new behaviour, my rw filesystem mounted under /mnt/ is suddenly not accessible for writing from inside toolbox. It is not the case that I wouldn’t like the behaviour, if onlyhowever could I control it!
Please how do I do that - choose which filesystems or directories are read-only and read-write for a given container?

toolbox version

Can you give use the output of findmnt /mnt/point inside and outside the toolbox?

Host mountpoints are available from /run/host/mnt/point inside toolboxes.

Thank you, it works again.
This was the output, inside and out of findmnt /mnt/point (not /run/host/mnt/point)


The mount point was initially mounted ro, I remounted it rw afterwards. Toolbox still did not work after remounting, so I stopped the container with podman and started it again but it still could not write a file, so I assumed toolbox must be the cause.
I rebooted (and rpm-ostree updated) my system and the container now works again the same way.

Out of curiosity, could I restrict access from toolbox on a per-container basis?

Toolbox is using podman to run containers so I don’t understand the question here.

Can one control directory access permissions using podman?

You have to give more context about what you want to do or an example as I still don’t understand your question.