Can I give a specific toolbox access to my whole system?

Hello all,
Have been trying to follow the instructions on a github page to see if I could build fedora silverblue for the pinebook pro inside a toolbox. Unfortunately, it needs permissions to access the SD card which it doesn’t have. Is there an easy way to give a specific toolbox those permissions.

Here’s the output I get from terminal in case it is useful for anyone:

==> Getting /dev/sdc ready for Pinebook Pro...
  -> Create partitions...
  -> Partition sdc
  -> Partition with boot and root
  -> List partitions...
Error: Error opening /dev/sdc: Permission denied
  -> Format partitions on sdc
mount: /var/tmp/fedora-installer/root: permission denied.
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toolbox is an unprivileged rootless container so you will have to either give permissions to your user for that device or use privileged containers. See also Cannot access /dev/ttyACM0 from toolbox container

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