How to search from repositories for rpms to be installed without dnf in Silverblue

I’m using Fedora Silverblue hence there is no dnf command but rpm-ostree to install programs from their rpm (for those neither shipped by flatpak nor Gnome SoftWare).

Under Fedora Workstation I could, using dnf :

  • add repositories like rpmfusion:
    dnf -y install$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm
  • search/query repositories :
    dnf search gnome | grep extension

Under Fedora Silverblue, and the advantages of ostrees, the installation of rpms uses a different paradigm since rpm-ostree install would need to create a new ostree and a full system reboot

So, my questions:

  1. How do I add repositories to my Fedora installation database without having to install a rpm for it, the use case exemple here is rpmfusion since I need it to install e.g. video/audio codecs and many useful binaries ?

  2. How do I query theses repositories once they’ve been added with a command that would replace dnf search ?

Thanks for your help !

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Look here:
" How can I check if an rpm software package is available in the repository?"


Thanks @alciregi

And here is the content to share with others having the same questions

Fedora Silverblue / FAQ
Go to:
How can I check if an rpm software package is available in the repository?

At this point in time, there is no rpm package search function built into rpm-ostree. However, you can use toolbox with the following command:

$ toolbox run dnf search <package>

What if you want to query what installed packages depend on another installed package? This is often needed to resolve dependency conflicts that block rpm-ostree upgrade

I don’t believe it is possible in a toolbox container because dnf looks at what’s installed in the container