How to run Fedora CoreOS on OCI (Oracle's Cloud)


I would like use fedora coreos in cloud oci , i use vmdk , it’s boot but i can’t login with ssh key or password , i have inderstand cloud-init is not work for inject ign file

Anyone have solution for work with other cloud ?

it’s possible to edit vmdk for inject basic ign ?


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Are you referring to Oracle’s Cloud when you say oci?

We don’t currently have that platform on our list of supported platforms. For unsupported platforms we’ve been encouraging people to use the Bare Metal Install workflow. I’m not sure if OCI would support that or not.

Feel free to open a request to support Oracle’s cloud at

Yes is Oracle cloud , it’s work with vmdk , the problem is only injection of ign

Ok i create a request in github

Can you try the bare metal flow to see if that works?

Thanks. I see you opened the request here: