How to remove GenyMotion from fedora completely?

Hello, yesterday I installed GenyMotion in my fedora OS. Now I want to remove GenyMotion completely from fedora. So how can I remove genymotion completely from fedora. Thanks

I never used genymotion but as far as I can understand it is not an RPM, but a generic .bin executable so @vgaetera dnf is not of help.
Then, imho, or the software provides a way to uninstall it or ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aren’t there any instructions or FAQs on the software web site? Maybe you could ask to the software support?

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yes, but after installing genymotion I installed and uninstalled many other softwares. So I may not get the exact Transaction Id of genymotion. Is there any way to install genymotion?

yea I tried to get help from genymotion, but unfortunately I didn’t get any reponse. So I am looking for the answer…

Here on quora it is stated that the installer comes with an uninstall option:
sudo /path/to/genymotion-x.x.x_x64.bin --uninstall


I hope it solved my problem. But I use fedora but the above fix seems to be for Ubuntu OS.

I think that it doesn’t matter, since it is a generic Linux installation file (not an rpm or a dpkg or whatever distro specific package).

Try to call the installation file with the --help option
./genymotion-3.0.2-linux_x64.bin --help

You will see the --uninstall option:

	--destination | -d : folder where to install binaries. Defaults to [/home/alessio]
	--uninstall   | -u : remove binaries and resources from destination folder
	--yes         | -y : answer yes to all questions

How did you install the program? Did you specify the destination folder other than the default one (/home/youruser/genymotion)? In this case you have to use the --destination option as well.


Well, uh… in the Genymotion FAQs there is another procedure:

How do I properly uninstall Genymotion?

To properly uninstall Genymotion, follow the procedure corresponding to your operating system:

  1. Remove all virtual devices using [d28b73de177b487816ae4a1ee3b92fa7b60cf1ff.png.
  2. Delete Genymotion installation directory by running rm -r $HOME/genymotion (if installed in your home directory).
  3. Delete Genymotion data directories by running rm -rf $HOME/.Genymobile $HOME/.config/Genymobile/Genymotion.conf

To remove all programs used by Genymotion, you may also uninstall the VirtualBox application. In this case, repeat steps 2 and 3 for the VirtualBox application.


@vgaetera thanks for helping out. In general, though, the first step should be to collect more information on the issue and only then suggest solutions. So here, the first step should be to ask “how did you install …” and if the response is “via dnf” then your solution would be the one to suggest. Otherwise, such quick solutions often confuse users. It is really important to go step by step in troubleshooting :slight_smile:


@crsohan unless you are sure you know what you are doing, it is not a good idea to install software using such bin scripts. One should stick to rpm (or flatpaks etc) as much as possible:

If rpms are not available, you are completely relying on whatever system the software developers provide. In lots of cases, they do not provide an installer that is advanced enough to cleanly remove the tool. So, it is not trivial to remove software if not installed using a package format mainly because when using other ways, nothing keeps track of what files were installed or changed—so nothing knows what files need to be removed. They have to be removed manually and that can only be done if you, the user, kept a list.

So, in general, if it isn’t an rpm, use a virtual machine. Then you simply delete the virtual machine or containers and so on and make a new one for your next experiment. Do not install stuff on your system directly (and if you do, be prepared to back up and reinstall if things break).


Yea. That was a good advice. I follow these things in my future. Thanks a lot.


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