How to proceed with renewed variant-oriented docs

Contrary to what was originally thought, I would like to suggest a rough alignment here before creating the tickets.

Implementation target date: F37 / Oct. 25

To be completed by then:

  • Modified landing page, the „boxes“
  • New Text for Homepage „Fedora Documentation
  • New box for Fedora Desktop / Workstation
  • New placeholder Box: Fedora Administration Tools (contains link to current Administration Guide as an interims solution)

Steps to perform

  1. Create infra for new „Fedora Doc Home Page“ as a staging for the current, so we can switch between
    Fedora 36 User Documentation :: Fedora Docs
    Fedora 36 User Documentation :: Fedora Docs
    Target Date: Sept. 21

  2. Create a new repo for “Desktop live media”
    Target Date: Sept. 21

  3. Create first complete Version of Fedora Documentation Text (Fedora Doc Home Page).
    (a) Start: Sept. 21
    (b) „Beta“: Oct. 5
    (c) Final: Oct. 12

  4. Create Infra for new Landing Page („Boxes“) as a staging for the current, so we can switch between
    Redirect Notice
    Redirect Notice
    (a) Finished: Sept. 28

  5. Create new Text „Desktop live media variants" or something alike
    (a) Start: Sept. 14
    (b) Beta: Oct. 05
    (c) Final: Oct. 19

  6. Final version of Fedora docs landing page
    Target date: Oct. 12

Note on the new landing page

With the current CSS it is obviously difficult to dynamically create a 2:1 relation in the top row. Therefore, in the first version, we should arrange the box for the Fedora documentation Home page across the entire width.


@darknao Please, could you provide a short information, what the current state is?

Where can I push further improvements?

Since the F37 release is delayed to November 15th, nothing much changed.
You can still use the staging environment for the time being.
For the Fedora User Documentation, you can use the f37 branch now. That will give you url like /fedora/latest/ instead of /fedora/rawhide/.
I already updated the homepage with this new link.


Thanks, I’ll use that.