Docs meeting agenda: 2023-07-12 UTC 18:30

Here’s the agenda for the meeting 12 July 2023 18:30 #fedora-meeting-1:

If you have anything else to add to the agenda, please reply to this thread!

Apologies, I couldn’t join the meeting on time due to travel disruption and barely had time to catch my breath at home.

Lots of topics could have been picked up and commented about, regardless of the meeting and being on-line.

@pboy I was going to refer to KIckstart installation guide for summer R Pi projects and there is nothing I can use in User Docs (F38) below or Quick Docs. The page below is a blank canvas.

Google search points me to F36 documentation.

There is a question posted in Ask Fedora category recently about Kickstart. We could consider adding troubleshooting tips to the Kickstart guide (which needs to be revived and reviewed).

@hankuoffroad I’m quite sure, kickstart as describes in Anaconda will never work on a SBC. The boot process is completely different. The Rasperry has the option to install a quite versatile Firmware extension to store in the SPI. But as far as I’ve studied it, it is not ready for Anaconda kickstart.

Your “[f38] Installation” link refers to release notes. I think there was never much about kickstart. And the next one is outdated.

Our docs is up to date:
Fedora Tools :: Fedora Docs :slight_smile:

Regarding the question in ask Fedora: I think the only way is to study the Anaconda Doc. I’ve described how to create a VM Disk image file using Kickstart (ImageFactory – How to Create a Virtual Machine Disk Image :: Fedora Docs Staging) and how to create a VM using that image ( and it works fine. To resolve the issue, you would have to know what the OP wants to do, what did they use? Which fedora variant is the goal? Why ZFS cache? What are the logs saying about warnings and errors? Specifically the formatting of the hard disk and to make it bootable is a bit fragile and quite low fault tolerance.

That’s fine. Experiment does not always work as expected. I will try a few options, if Kickstart is a non starter for Pi. I just wanted to keep installation steps in whatever scripting possible.

  • Iot installation is quite neat without a need for scripting/Kickstart. Use cases are well-documented.

Our docs is up to date:

In what sense? Can anyone follow through it to accomplish installation and recording them as script? I can see the link to upstream document. Now i know. @pbokoc already gave me a heads-up on it.