How to proceed with renewed variant-oriented docs

Contrary to what was originally thought, I would like to suggest a rough alignment here before creating the tickets.

Implementation target date: F37 / Oct. 25

To be completed by then:

  • Modified landing page, the „boxes“
  • New Text for Homepage „Fedora Documentation
  • New box for Fedora Desktop / Workstation
  • New placeholder Box: Fedora Administration Tools (contains link to current Administration Guide as an interims solution)

Steps to perform

  1. Create infra for new „Fedora Doc Home Page“ as a staging for the current, so we can switch between
    Fedora 36 User Documentation :: Fedora Docs
    Fedora 36 User Documentation :: Fedora Docs
    Target Date: Sept. 21

  2. Create a new repo for “Desktop live media”
    Target Date: Sept. 21

  3. Create first complete Version of Fedora Documentation Text (Fedora Doc Home Page).
    (a) Start: Sept. 21
    (b) „Beta“: Oct. 5
    (c) Final: Oct. 12

  4. Create Infra for new Landing Page („Boxes“) as a staging for the current, so we can switch between
    Redirect Notice
    Redirect Notice
    (a) Finished: Sept. 28

  5. Create new Text „Desktop live media variants" or something alike
    (a) Start: Sept. 14
    (b) Beta: Oct. 05
    (c) Final: Oct. 19

  6. Final version of Fedora docs landing page
    Target date: Oct. 12

Note on the new landing page

With the current CSS it is obviously difficult to dynamically create a 2:1 relation in the top row. Therefore, in the first version, we should arrange the box for the Fedora documentation Home page across the entire width.