How to merge unallocated space with a Fedora installation?


Since unallocated space is only 2G you can create a swap partition to used as part of you swap space else depending on you Linux partition schema you can create and lvm partition and add it to your logical volumes, but will depend on how your Linux partition is in use, which you do not show on here.


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The error explains the issue. With this style of MBR partitioning table, you can have 4 primary partitions. Here, you first have sda1, sda2, sda3 primaries, and the fourth primary, sda4, is used for an extended partition.

The 2GB you have is between sda2 and sda3, so you can extend either of them to include it. However, you cannot move it around without a bit of trouble to become part of the sda4 and sda5 partitions.

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If I understand the error correctly, since I already have an extended partition in sda4, I should be able to merge unallocated into sda4 and /or sda5 ?

No. You have the free space between sda2 and sda3, so you only can merge it with sda2 or sda3. You may be able to merge it with sda3 and shrink sda3 after it by 2GB and merge this to sda4. Notice, that this 2GB would be different 2 GB than the 2GB that are free.

See it as a ruler from 1-20:
sda1 is from 1-3
sda2 is from 6-7
sda3 is from 8-15
sda4 is from 16-20

the storage at 4 and 5 is not occuppied by one of these 4 partitions. There is no logic way, that sda4 would go from 4-5 and from 16-20, but you could make sda1 from 1-5 or sda2 from 4-7.

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I dont see the unallocated space

But it exists :wink:
Device /dev/sda2 - End 204849151
Device /dev/sda3 - Start 209843456

Also, this command must show you free space: # gdisk /dev/sda


If I create a new partition with fdisk and unallocated space the can I use gparted to move it and resize the linux partition ?

You cannot create a new primary partition, because you have already 4 primary partitions, also you caonnot simply “move” a partition. you maybe can resize sda3, shrink sda3 to have 2GB free at the end of sda3 and can expand sda4 by this 2 GB but i have never bothered about doing this, normally i just leve the 2gb where they are or stick it to sda2 or sda3.

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Do I need to create a GPT table ?

I cant create another primary even with fdisk ?

Should be possible with gpt, for the limitatios of mbr you can further read here: Why are there only four primary partitions on an MBR disk? - Server Fault

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will windows 7 still boot after converting to GPT ?