Partition issue

Do anyone know i can’t create more than 4partition in my hdd how can i do that and is it a feature or a issue…

You can have only 4 primary partitions, but you can extend this by adding “extended partitions” and then, you can add further “normal” partitions within the extended one.

Go to your partition manager, e.g., gparted, and go to the menu that adds one partition: you can choose within the file system and the partition type; partition type is: primary, extended, logical. Choose extended (after that, you will be no longer able to choose a file system, which is ok).
Then, you will see the available space under the extended one. There, you can add further partitions which are now automatically described as “logical”. At this point, you can add many partitions.

Be aware: the extended is itself a primary one, so if you have already 4, you will to delete one of them.

Also, the boot partition needs to be a primary one. So do not add a boot partition to the extended one.


If you hard drive has a gpt partition table you can create more than 4.

If your drive has an MBR table, 4 primary partitions is the limit. The way to work around that is to create an extended partition as one of the 4.

Realistically, unless you have a reason not to, you really should be using gpt partition tables at this point.


Okey that is why i can’t create more than 4partitions thanks

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Good point from @dalto , you can also create a GPT partition table, which is maybe more suitable on the long term. But be aware that this will delete ALL partitions on this disc!

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There are some tools that can convert mbr to gpt in-place but that is a risky operation so I would still recommend a full backup before attempting it.

It is not possible at least for now and i can leave with mbr
But taking back up close to 1tb is not possible for me.

How to check i am on mbr or gpt

There are many ways but sudo parted -l is one way.