How can i add unallocated disk space to my fedora partition

I want to add 69 gb unallocated space to my 99 gb partition.
I dont know any terminal commands about this.

Thanks for your help.

Umm… that might be an error. I think that /dev/sda6 is btrfs.

Instead I would suggest first removing the linux swap since that likely is not needed (or at least move it in front of the unallocated space that is between sda4 and sda9.
Then relocate sda5 to the front of the unallocated space so the remaining unallocated space is between sda5 & sda6.
Once that is done then sda6 can be expanded to use the currently unallocated space.
Once sda6 has been expanded then the file system would also need resized to use the full space. I personally don’t know the steps to expand a btrfs volume, so someone experienced in that will need to step up with those instructions or it can be found with a quick online search.

All this will need to be done when booted from a live usb device since the noted partitions are mounted and in use when booted to the linux OS. The partitions sda5 & sda9 could be unmounted and relocated (or removed in the case of sda9 which is swap) while booted normally but one would not be able to do so with sda6 (the btrfs volume)

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Apologies @endera39 for confusing and misleading you. Don’t know why I thought sda6 would be an LVM block device/volume. Looking at the screenshot for a second time, it clearly shows a btrfs file system. Better to ignore my post and follow @computersavvy’s instructions.

I will delete my post above since it’s wrong in this context.

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You could use gparted live usb version to make the unallocated space be close to the partition that you want to expand (from your case is by moving sda9 and sda5).

This should be save, but I suggest you still need to backup your data first.

GParted Live USB: GParted -- Live CD/USB/PXE/HD