How to manually do new Btrfs partitioning scheme

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I want to install Fedora 33 using Btrfs, but i want to do partitioning manually, since I feel like i should be oldschool about swaps on SSD’s, and i pretend to cread a swap file or partition on my HD after. There are any recent documentation about how to install Fedora on BTRFS manually just like Fedora 33 automatic install?



The automatic schema with LUKS:

  • /boot/efi: 600M, fat32
  • /boot: 1G, ext4
  • the rest: LUKS or /

For the LUKS or /:

  • a /, /home is subvolume.
  • a swap (optional) if you use swap file


Fedora 33 docs aren’t published yet. I’ll refer you to the Rawhide install docs, as they’ve been minimally updated for Fedora 33. (I’ve got a PR to update install docs with Fedora 33 screenshots, which hopefully will land soon.)

See Manual Partitioning Figure 16 shows a drop-down menu partitioning scheme preset. It’s LVM in this screenshot but will be Btrfs in Fedora 33. If you click the blue link above to automatically create partitions, you’ll get the same layout as the Automatic partitioning selection on the earlier screen (Figure 12).

That automatic scheme looks like Figure 21 in Manual Partitioning: Btrfs

Click on either / or /home. On the far right you’ll see a section named Volume and a Modify button under it. Click that. This is how you configure the entire Btrfs volume. Reduce the size by the amount you want for a swap partition. Change the name of the volume (optional). And also check the Encrypt box (optional). Click Save to exit this area.

Now you can click + on the lower left side UI, and add a swap “mountpoint”. If you leave desired capacity blank, it uses all remaining free space. You can also click the Encrypt checkbox on the right-side UI.



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