Unable to choose format for new install

Nine times out of ten I am doing something wrong.

I wanted to do some benchmarking in a virtual machine using other than btrfs. I am installing from the F33 live CD image, KDE spin. No options are available other than btrfs.

[Gratuitous kvetch]

Back in the day this used to be a whole lot simpler (I’m in my 21st year with RH/Fedora). There is no reason whatsoever for the GUI to be this complicated.

:thinking: Nothing has changed.

If you select Custom partitioning

Then you opt for Standard Partition (or LVM).

Then you select “Click here to create them automatically”, you end up with a partition scheme where the file system is ext4 by default. And where you can select xfs if you like.

In addition, in the first screen of “Installation Destination” spoke, you can select “Advanced Custom (Blivet-GUI)” if you like a tool a la GParted.