Fedora 33 NetInstall automatic partitioning


I installed Fedora Deepin 15.11 through Fedora 33 Netinstall and opted for the automatic installation, letting Distro repartition the HD. To my surprise there is almost 500GB of space, but now in the notifications, it tells me that the provisioned space is 15Gb and does not recognize the rest of the HD.

There was no automatic partitioning for home and SWAP.
It is interesting that in the System Monitor almost 4GB of SWAP appears, but in Gpart there is no this information.

I tried to resize the HD to increase the space of 15GB, but it is already provisioned when the automatic installation.

Follow the images for better understanding.

Note: I will have to reinstall again and do all the partitions manually

I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. What do you get if you run sudo vgs from a terminal?

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I’m not sure what image you have downloaded, but this one should use Btrfs by default:

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I installed Distro with Deepin Fedora 33 Server netinstall.
I will try with this ISO that you gave me.

Thank you

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So, you can reinstall if you want (and the get the modern btrfs setup). but this shows that you actually have a bunch of space allocated to a LVM volume group just waiting to be assigned. You can see this guide for getting started: Add storage to your Fedora system with LVM - Fedora Magazine

I think maybe you used the Fedora Server netinstall, which works this way by default. It doesn’t know what your use case is going to be for your server, so it gives you a bunch of unallocated space you can assign as wanted.


Thanks for the guidance @mattdm

I ended up following the suggestion of @vgaetera and installed everything again, but this time with btrfs. I have some years of linux, but in the Fedora world I am still an apprentice.

This time, the configuration was correct and using all the disk space.

I will read the literature that you provided in the link above to see how to proceed correctly in this matter.

The netinstall tool is very good, but I believe it still needs to become more intuitive for beginners. I had to reset the HD, because in the installation even using the automatic, it did not take over the btrfs. I hope that soon the new version of fedora 33 or 34 will come out with the deepin V20.1 1030.

Once again, thank you all for your help.