How to manage hundreds desktop entries?

Take for example lsp-plugins, installing the lsp-plugin-jack rpm will create 100+ desktop entries.
In KDE, they are well organized in Application / Multimedia / LSP-Plugins.
In Gnome with the same Desktop files (Menu, directories, Desktop …) it is all over the place:

  • In the “Application Overview” there are multiple pages of LSP-plugins … and since Gnome is shortening their names, we can not even distinguish between some of them.
  • In the Applications Menu they are all in “Sound & Video”, the lsp-plugin sub-menu is not used.

Any idea how to solve this in Gnome?? Or even where to ask for this issue???

For reference here is LSP-Plugins trying to solve this FreeDesktop / Gnome / KDE for month:

For the truncated names there is a workaround at least Applications Overview Tooltip - GNOME Shell Extensions

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Looks like this is part of the solution Sign in · GitLab

As for the Application Menu extension, wait and see Support several hierarchies of entries (#13) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-menus · GitLab

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