How to make the on-screen keyboard pop up only when text field is tapped with touchscreen, not selected with mouse?

I enabled the on-screen keyboard from Accessibility in Settings. Coming from Ubuntu, the default setting was that the on-screen keyboard would only come up if I selected a text field by tapping it on my touchscreen. On Fedora, it seems to come up whenever I select a text field, even if it’s clicked with my mouse.

This is annoying because sometimes I use my 2-in-1 laptop “normally”, as a laptop, in which case I use its physical keyboard, and sometimes, I use it as a tablet, in which case I need the on-screen keyboard. Is there any way to change its behaviour to come up if and only if I tap a text field with the touchscreen?

I’m using Fedora 36 Workstation with GNOME on a Lenovo Yoga 6.