How to make mouse pointer show in screen share on wayland?

Hi, I was nicely surprised that screen sharing on wayland is now working out of the box with firefox on Fedora 35. That’s great! I can share windows or an entire screen and (almost) everything is shown there; both wayland and xorg apps. Only one thing I am missing and that is my mouse pointer. It would be really great if my mouse pointer would be shown on the shared screen, so I can point to stuff that I want others to focus on. Any ideas of how to get my mouse pointer to show? Or an alternative, like a virtual pen which can write over the entire screen (not just a single window)?

For reference: I am using this awesome test page as well as jitsi.

Hi, maybe you could try with this Gnome extension. But of course it’s not as good as showing the pointer itself.

Get the tips from here.