How to install Waydroid on Fedora (Silverblue)?

I ran following commands so far

  1. toolbox enter
  2. sudo dnf install waydroid
  3. sudo waydroid -h # testing if waydroid is installed
  4. sudo waydroid init

[13:03:43] ERROR: Failed to get system OTA channel: /lineage/waydroid_x86_64/VANILLA.json, error: -1
[13:03:43] See also:
Run ‘waydroid log’ for details.

what to do now?

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The link you point to states …

Waydroid uses a container-based approach to boot a full Android system on a regular GNU/Linux system

So you’re running a container inside a container, does that work? I have never tried it.


Instead of running it inside of a toolbox container, you likely need to overlay waydroid on Silverblue using:

$ rpm-ostree install waydroid
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Did you use waydroid in asahil linux? is it working

You could try to create a rootful toolbox, as waydroid requires systemd and possibly more. This will still avoid overlaying files.

Waydroid is pretty insecure as it runs via a rootful LXC container afaik. Having an OCI image that can be ran with podman would be way better.

@dharmtej0206 what isnt working? Asahi is aarch64 which in theory should mean that more apps should run inside Waydroid. Please run the commands to start waydroid in the terminal and post outputs

Just as an information:

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