How to install texstudio on fedora Silverblue / Kinoite?

  • the flatpak version doesn’t work because it can’t find pdflatex.
  • I can’t find a way to export from toolbox
  • exporting from distrobox and texstudio can’t find packages

Any advice?

Which Flatpak did you try? If from Flathub, have you reported the issue there?

See Overlaying libvirt on Silverblue / Kinoite / Sericea / Onyx and CoreOS for an example (virt-manager in the post) on how to export an application from a toolbox to the host to run it in a toolbox.

Distrobox has that built-in ( Make sure to export the app and not just the binary.

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OK, this is a duplicate of How to export an app/tool from toolbox? and If I want to use `pdflatex` in the terminal, do I have to install it with rpm-ostree?

Please don’t open multiple topics for a single question or at least link them to one another. Thanks

It’s somewhat different, but I’ll do, thx!