How to install programs in another partition

Hello guys!
So, I just installed fedora 36 on a 240gb ssd but as 240gb is not much nowadays, I wanted to install my programs, games and that kind of stuff on a 1tb hd that I had left. But I couldn’t find out how I can choose another location to install programs and games, if I could change the directory only for steam it would be very cool.
I’m using gnome btw and installing most of the apps from the gnome-software.
Can someone help me with this please? Would I have to make another /home or something?
thank you very much for your attention!

If you install steam and run it as a user it is installed under the users home directory. Thus if your /home was on the 1 TB drive it would place all the games there and take very little space on the OS drive.

I installed steam from the rpmfusion-nonfree-steam repo and with several games installed I see this

$ du -hs .local/share/Steam
24G	.local/share/Steam

The only thing required was to install steam (which can be done from the command line with dnf or by using the gnome-software app) then as a user launch it. It updates itself and puts what is needed under your home directory.

As far as another /home, not required. Relocate your existing /home instead.

It is relatively easy to simply create a partition on the other drive, then copy everything from your /home to the new partition. Once that is done then a simple change in /etc/fstab to mount the new partition as your home directory is all that is required, followed by a test mount then a reboot.
We can provide step by step instructions if needed.

OMG, sorry by the delay and thank you very much by your attention, i really appreciate it. I ended up just reinstalling the system using the entire HDD as my /home partition and the SSD as the /. It’s working perfectly!

I’ll offer only one additional idea/thought - I’ve found some games (regardless of Windows/Linux) seem to struggle when the game files are located on an HDD instead of a SSD, and Steam can set up multiple library folders.

So, if there are games that specifically need an SSD to perform well, you could create a library on the SSD for those (Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders) and then leave the bulk on the HDD to take advantage of the bigger storage, without having to reinstall or shift other partitions over.

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