How To Install podman-compose on Fedora CoreOS

I’m running the latest stable version of Fedora CoreOS (Fcos) 40 and I’m aware that podman ships with Fcos by default. However, I’d like to use podman-compose on Fcos as well.

Has anyone run across any instructions on installing podman-compose on Fcos or is it best to install and run podman-compose from a toolbox on fcos?

It is possible to install packages on fedora CoreOS using rpm-ostree. For podman-compose the command should be: rpm-ostree install podman-compose. After executing the command reboot the machine.

Have you taken a look at podman quadlets? They are build into podman and fulfill mostly the same task as docker-compose. See the podman documentation or this blog post of Major Hayden for a quick example.

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Thank You-I’ll give that a try.