Docker-compose installation on Silverblue

There are a couple of threads in this forum about docker-compose on Silverblue. But mostly bits and pieces that probably if put together will lead to being able to install docker-compose on Silverblue.

I was wondering if anyone knows/has a link to a comprehensive HowTo installation guide.

thank you.

If you would like to install docker-compose on silverblue, you need to layer two packages, moby-engine and docker-compose.

You can do it with this command:

rpm-ostree install moby-engine docker-compose and do a reboot

Moby engine will provide a docker engine, because docker is not installed by default on Fedora Silverblue and docker-compose needa it. But there is a problem because Fedora runs on Cgroups V2 from version 30, and moby-engine in fedora repo currently does not support it so will not work. You can wait untill moby-engine in fesora repo will be upgraded to 20.10 version that supports Cgroups V2 or switch your system to legacy Cgroups V1 (this can break podman containers and toolboxes).

There is an alternative tool podman-compose that will work out of box and is compatible with standard docker-compose files, you can layer it by typing: rpm-ostree install podman-compose and reboot. It will just start working after reboot.

Hello @miyamuza,
Welcome to the Fedora discussion forum. As noted by @kuba3351, there are issues around using Docker on Silverblue. Like all things Linux, there are more than one way to get things done. To maybe add to this conversation, I think it is worth noting that the reason for Podman being preferred over Docker on Silverblue is from the security perspective. Specifically running rootless containers (through Podman) as opposed to using a container daemon which must be run with root privilages (ie Docker). This (security) is further enhanced with the use of cgroups V2. This combined with the immutable system area of the OS, lends itself well to a stable experience, with a container focused work flow in use.