How to install Podman 3 on Fedora 32

I am on Fedora 32. I cannot update to Fedora 32 because of worries of breaking a project I’m working on as well as if the new BTRFS file system will let me do the update smoothly as I used to.
On the other hand, I need Podman 3.0 for its new features like Podman-Compose support and more, but I noticed Podman 3 is available on Fedora 33 but not Fedora 32. I can’t find any resources on how to install Podman 3.0 on Fedora 32.

Is it possible to install Podman 3.0 on Fedora 32? How?


Well, difficult to explain was podman 3 wasn’t build it for :fedora: 32, but you can use KOJI:

for example this, the lowest version I could find:

Download according to your Architecture and :crossed_fingers: to don’t deal with depedencies problem…


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Your file system does not change if you upgrade. For example, I’ve been upgrading and am still on ext4 here, on my F34 install.

Even if you install afresh, you can still just re-mount the partitions you currently have (/home for example) or choose a non btrfs file system.

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As mentioned, do a system upgrade and not a new install of fedora 33. That will not change the existing file system. Then you should be able to work with the newer podman.

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