How to install oracle database 21c express edition on Fedora 37?

I tried to install several times and in a different way oracle database 21c in fedora 37, but I couldn’t.
I want to avoid using virtual machine. Could someone help me I need it for an academic project.

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Hello @gianluca-bm …! Welcome to the community! Please do take a few minutes to go over the introductory posts in #start-here when you have the time. They contain lots of useful information.

You could use podman or dockerin the same way, container will be the best aproach:


for the desktop → Installation Guide



If you are able to speak/understand English, i guess it is no need to make two requests.

A good document on installing Oracle database on Fedora.

leads to…

Is their a reason you don’t want to use Oracle Linux.
It’s based on the Fedora family and a LOT more stable (no offence guys).
Oracle Linux is specifically tuned for Oracle Database.
I use it for all my databases… Postgresql on Oralce LInux…, it’s the best!


Personally I stick with fedora because it is leading edge and always has the newest updates. Oracle is a more stable version for those who like stability in their servers, and seems very good at what it does.

For servers stability and infrequent updates are a good thing. For home use that is up to the user when and how often they do updates. For businesses it would seem the workstations should also be more consistent and stable to avoid IT department problems with user updates.

I prefer to stay completely up to date on software, kernels, etc and do not mind the occasional hiccup with newer software versions so Fedora is a perfect fit for me.

If I were intending to use the Oracle Database I likely would strongly consider Oracle Linux as its server.