How to install fedora on custom arm kernel device

I have an arm64 laptop. It only can install the linux distro which device producer provide. But the distro is too old (based on Debian 9), now I want install another newer one. Here is my issue:

  1. I tried fedora or Debian live usb iso, it can’t boot, maybe since the kernel is special patched.
  2. It’s possible to install latest fedora on a patched 5.4 kernel?
  3. It’s possible to install with the laptop’s installed patched kernel ? Maybe I can get the patched iso and extract the patched kernel

If your device is ARM-based, you need the arm iso from Fedora Workstation | The Fedora Project

Fedora is always on the latest kernel, currently 6.5.x. Also, Fedora ships it’s kernel, you don’t install Fedora while keeping an old kernel from another distribution.


My device must boot with my patched kernel, so sad :frowning:

And Fedora only can run on the kernel it ships? Can some old patched kernel? e.g my kernel version is 5.4 too old.

What’s your device? Are you able to compile Fedora kernel yourself and add the patch? What’s the patch?

No, there is some private driver but the OEM don’t give me.

Now I only want to know if Fedora 38 can run with 5.4 kernel.
Or dose Fedora modify the kernel it’s ships and I must pick that patch?

Thanks your help.

Fedora’s kernel is close to upstream, with a few patches included, see

maybe, maybe not. 5.4 was released 4 years ago, there might be features in Fedora that require newer kernels, for example btrfs, which is default in Fedora (can be changed).

So, you want to create a Fedora 38 iso with the old, custom 5.4 kernel that is provided by OEM?

Yes, that’s I want.
Now I try to create rootfs from chroot, and find some way to boot it. I will have a try, hope Fedora can support the kernel, or I have to suffer the OEM very old desktop enviroment :frowning:

If I can build iso, things may make simple.