How do I modify and recompile a single module for the running version of Fedora using fedpkg?

I’m running Fedora 38 at the moment and have a need to compile the qcserial module with an additional device VID & PID pair. I looked for information on how to do this (I even asked ChatGPT) but found the information confusing or incomplete. As an example, we have common fedpkg commands but it leaves out many details and seems to present three different ways to build things. This wiki page describes how to build a custom kernel, but I’m not really looking to install a new kernel, but rather a modified device driver for my existing running kernel.
In my case, I want to build and try the updated module on my existing build rather than on rawhide, but it’s not clear to me how to do that. If I do fedpkg --release f38 local it appears to build kernel 6.4.9 but my machine is currently running 6.4.7. Also, it’s not clear to me if or where the qcserial module is built, or if it is, where it ends up.
I tried, of course, running fedpkg --help and also the promising sounding fedpkg module-overview but I don’t understand the output or how to use it. (I was naively thinking it might output an overview of the process, but this is clearly something else.)
I’ve been running Linux for a few decades, and have built custom kernels and written modules before, but not for many years on Fedora, and I’m trying to get a handle on the current best way to do this, which appears to involve fedpkg based on my current meager understanding. Can someone help or point to some documentation that would help?
Also, when I figure this out, I would be more than willing to write up the document that I’m currently seeking (I usually take extensive notes when I am learning a new thing), so if you have ideas or suggestions on how that should be done/submitted, please also let me know. Thanks!

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It’s been a month. Any hints?

Let’s move this to Ask Fedora — even though it’s a little bit about Fedora development tools, it’s really an end-user use-case. Hopefully that will get you some better results!