Switching Fedora kernels

I’m running Fedora 38 on an 2018 Intel Mac mini. When I originally set this up, I could not get Fedora 37 to install a boot loader. So, I discovered the fedora-mbp ISOs. When I installed using that, then the boot loader installed and Fedora successfully booted.

I upgraded to Fedora 38 and have been chugging along.

Now I want to upgrade to Fedora 39, but there is only an experimental kernel available from fedora-mbp.

I am not using any of the extra features that this kernel provides, since I am uning this as a headless server. I don’t need WiFi. I don’t need Bluetooth. I don’t need power management. I just need hardware video decoding.

So, I think I should be OK to switch to the default Fedora kernel. I just want to make sure that will not break anything, since I know the fedora-mbp pulls binary blobs from the MacOS partition for use with the kernel.

I saw a few threads that said USB hot swap won’t work with the default kernel, but I don’t care about that either since this is my home sever.

I’m also a little confused about why the Fedora 37 DVD I used in the past would not write a boot loader. Should it not have used EFI and just used the existing EFI partition for booting?

You should be able to install the Fedora 38 stock kernel and attempt to boot to it. If that boot fails, you can press a button during boot up to get to the grub menu and switch to your old kernel. Fedora keeps a few kernels around by default, so you generally shouldn’t get stuck if a kernel upgrade goes wonky for some reason. Installing a new kernel will update the bootloader in the process.

Ok, now to do some homework on installing a kernel.

Well, that took a little bit of work. I had to go into every repo file and remove the exclude command. Then a makecache and then I was able to install the stock Fedora kernel. Machine rebooted and I am on the stock kernel. Just need to test h.264/h.265 decoding in Plex and I should be all set.

If it all works, I will upgrade to Fedora 39 tomorrow.

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This might be helpful if you run into any trouble with it:


This also may help.

Steps 3 & 5 are related to the multimedia part.