How to switch back to grub from systemd-boot after upgrade to fc39?

After upgrading from Fedora 38 to Fedora 39, I found out that updating the kernel runs systemd-boot update instead of grub-update in post-install scripts. The issue is that systemd-boot does not work for me (it tries to put the kernel on efi partition, which is too small and can’t be resized).

I tried to figure out how to force the post-install scripts to use grub again, but couldn’t make it work. Any help?

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Looking at another thread it seems like for some reason default install layout has changed from other to bls.

You can check it by running # kernel-install and looking for KERNEL_INSTALL_LAYOUT value in the output.

As a workaround you can force old behavior by creating a new config at /etc/kernel/install.conf with contents


Then reinstalling the kernel with # dnf reinstall kernel-core