How to install cli flatpak apps?

Hi, I feel as if with snap there are more cli apps available than flatpak, for example: axel, curl, pdftk

I feel like flatpak/flathub is more GUI-desktop app oriented. But it seems that somehow cli apps are available, for example youtube-dl is a component of youtubedl-gui.

Is it possible somehow to install cli apps via flatpak?

Unless the application is packaged for flatpak and distributed via a flatpak repo, you would need to package it yourself or ask / wait for the dev to do it if you want it as a flatpak application.

Is there any reason on particular as to why you want cli apps as flatpaks?

I am planning to migrate from Ubuntu to Fedora. Currently on Ubuntu I use snap to be able to have some CLI tools on a recent version.

I think that on Fedora I could just install them from Fedora official repo, or from rpmfusion repo, cause packages are fresh.

I was just asking for curiosity, I would generally appreciate to install CLI Flatpak apps, I was wondering if is there a way to search for flatpak CLI apps, cause I can’t find them on Flathub.

I mean, you can install snap on fedora if you really want / need to.

If you don’t want snaps, I guess your best bet is to install from the source.

So you want flatpak command line interface type apps? There are terminal emulators that are packaged in flatpak, most apps I have noticed in flatpak form are normally a GUI type. Fedora does have it’s own flatpak runtime so anything Fedora ships, technically could be easily made into a flatpak. I’m just struggling with what one would need to run as a command line tool in a flatpak environment of it’s own.

It’s certainly possible, though in all honesty I have no idea if there are any cli-only Flatpak packages. I’d be pretty surprised, as it’s a very graphically-oriented packaging system.

CLI tools, at least if they embody the traditional Unix Philosophy™ going back decades (“Do one thing and do it well”), are only useful as cogs in a larger system. They’re meant to interoperate, to pass data from command to command, to call each other and be called in combination to achieve goals.

In the Flatpak model, any app that does that is “insecure”. It’s the antithesis of the Unix Philosophy. (Which, to be fair, does have its critics.) Flatpaks expect that a packaged application contain, or be granted explicit permission to access, all of the parts it needs in order to perform all of its tasks.

Or, to look at it more pragmatically, I just did a search of flathub and there are no flatpaks of: ffmpeg, git, or imagemagick. And if there were going to be command-line flatpaks at all, there would be flatpaks of those packages before any others.

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