How to get samba working on Fedora 37?

I am wondering what else I need to do to get my samba share to show on my other devices. I am wondering if this might be related to selinux setup since I know selinux can be tricky to get right.

The instructions I followed was based on How to create a Samba share :: Fedora Docs. I added the following to the end of my /etc/samba/smb.conf file:

        comment = Fedora share
        path = /home/Glenn/share
        browseable = yes
        guest ok = yes
        read only = no
        create mask = 0755
        follow symlinks = yes
        wide links = yes

I also did the following from konsole:

mkdir /home/kiwiheretic/share
sudo semanage fcontext --add --type "samba_share_t" "/home/kiwheretic/share(/.*)?"
sudo restorecon -R ~/share
sudo systemctl restart smb
sudo smbpasswd -a kiwiheretic

The share does not even share appear on my other devices although the computer name does show up under networks. When I click on the name of the computer nothing is shown on the next window.

Is there anything else I can check or should be doing?

use sudo, shuld be absolute path.

sudo restorecon -R /home/kiwiheretic/share

Thanks for all your help but I found out that for some reason the samba user failed to create at the first time with “smbpasswd -a kiwiheretic”. Found that out by typing “sudo pdbedit -L -v”. It is now showing as a folder on my android tablet and I have succeeded in copy pasting a file into the share.

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I’m confused (a normal state of affairs these days it must be admitted): you told samba that the path is /home/Glenn/share but then you did mkdir /home/kiwiheretic/share

Assuming they’re supposed to be the same paths - /home/Glenn or /home/kiwiheretic - how are you able to transfer files?

So it is not the same path, one is on Android an the other seams to be on Fedora. So there ist just a sim-link alias a mount in between he checked in the samba database.

Sorry , it’s the former but I don’t think my directory naming was the issue. I was in Reddit mode thinking to protect my privacy in case some crazed Redditor shows up on my doorstep with a machete but of course I realise this is not Reddit.