How-To get a PDF of official Silverblue docs?



Select a language in the menu to the left, then select a Fedora release and a document title. Fedora documentation has been translated into around forty languages and is available in multi-page HTML, single-page HTML, PDF, and EPUB formats

I can’t find a PDF from

Maybe my browser blocks something?

Thanks and a happy day

That page is very outdated (looks like from Fedora 20 era). There is no download as PDF option on Fedora Docs page at the moment.

This is the private space of someone called “jfearn”, nothing from us. Although it is less relevant here, it might also be noted that Fedorapeople in general does not officially belong to the Fedora Project.

As far as I know, there is no possibility atm to generate pdf’s automatically. Unfortunately, you have to do this yourself.

But if that helps in some way, you can get the adoc source files or the repo in general (I don’t know your exact goal):


Folder with the page source files:

A generally easy way is to just print each page into PDF. It looks like that ain’t many pages.

If you just want to have it available offline, you could download the repo (git clone <repo url>) and generate the Silverblue Docs locally with the & → the repo contains an explanation about how to do that (see README in the repo).