How to freeze kernel and broadcom wl to fedora 32 repo in fedora rawhide 33?

How to use fedora 32 kernel in fedora rawhide 33. After that i want to freeze the broadcom wl install for 43142 as well.
Rest of the package i wish to use as rawhide provides.

I will reiterate: using rawhide for daily work is not suggested, and the community does not support it.

Rawhide is targeted at advanced users, testers and package maintainers.

As a Rawhide consumer, you should:

- Be willing to update on an almost daily basis. Rawhide gets hundreds of updates a day, and applying those updates on a regular basis allows you to more easily isolate when a bug appeared and what package(s) are responsible.
- Be willing and able to troubleshoot problems. From time to time there are problems with Rawhide packages, and you will need strong troubleshooting skills and the ability to gather information for bug reports. You need a good understanding of dnf and how to downgrade packages, as well as boot time troubleshooting.
- Have time and desire to always be able to learn new interfaces and changes. Rawhide packages stick closely to upstream projects, so interfaces and command-line options are subject to frequent changes.
- Be willing to reboot frequently to test new kernel versions and confirm functionality of the boot process. If you can't reboot often, consider using a stable release instead.
- Be willing and able to report bugs to bugzilla as you find them and help maintainers gather information to fix them.

If the above doesn't match you, you may wish to instead follow the Branched release (depending on the point in the release cycle) or use regular stable Fedora releases.

Please use a stable release.


make a fedora-32.repo on "/etc/yum.repos.d/" and add something like that

name=Fedora 32 - $basearch

then you can use the "dnf repository-packages" to get stuff from 32, like kernels
so the updated goes something like that:
First we update Rawhide, but we exlcude kernels
"sudo dnf update -x "kernel*"

Then we update kernels from Fedora Stable
"sudo dnf repository-packages fedora-32 upgrade"
"sudo dnf repository-packages fedora-32 upgrade --nogpg"