How to follow a different kernel version on Silverblue?

Hello everyone,

I would like to downgrade my kernel to the 6.1 LTS branch because newer kernels have done something to break the displayport output on my laptop. I am wondering how this can be done on Fedora Silverblue?

You can downgrade your kernel using the instructions here - os/docs/ at master · openshift/os · GitHub (They are for Red Hat CoreOS, but should still apply)

Note, if you use this method you would just be replacing the kernel for the version you want. I don’t believe you would be tracking updates to the 6.1 LTS kernel in this way.

I think in order to track updates you may need to build your own custom compose of Silverblue; the Universal Blue project is a pretty good solution for creating your own custom composes of Silverblue.

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