How to fix Login and password

I’m trying to login to test programm PIZA(TAO). I installed the ova file. When I start the system it asks me for a login and password. But I don’t have them. And the problem is that you can write a login, but when writing a password, the keyboard simply does not work. Help me please

According to your screenshot, user tao has ssh keys configured.

I still don’t understand what I should do, where can I find the configuration file to change it? Or should I do something different?

Users on Fedora CoreOS are configured via Ignition. There is no default password.

You should start with the tutorials to get a better grasp of how Fedora CoreOS works: Prerequisites for the tutorials :: Fedora Docs

If you are provisioning Fedora CoreOS on VMware, you can also take a look at Provisioning Fedora CoreOS on VMware.