Recommended password recovery procedure

The Migrating from CoreOS Container Linux (CL) to Fedora CoreOS (FCOS) documentation indicates that " The coreos.autologin kernel command-line parameter is not currently supported in FCOS.". The coreos.autologin kernel command-line parameter provides a way to bypass the login prompt in contianer linux (coreos).

What is the correct procedure for password recovery under FCOS?

I don’t know if we explicitly have a guide for password recovery. We disable SSH logins via password by default so I’d say typically people aren’t setting a root password and are just using SSH keys to log in to the system.

However, it’s worth discussing the merits of having a password recovery (or even a “I lost my SSH key”) step. We have an open ticket where there is a discussion about coreos.autologin so let’s add to the discussion there?

I posted a small guide to the documentation: