How to end a Topic by SOLVED

A very simple question for those who know this forum well. When I want to end a Topic after a solution is made. How do I do that. I can only find a solution button on each individual answer by other users. But no where I find the the opportunity to end the topic.

The OP can select the appropriate answer and mark it as a solution. This way the answer they choose is seen as the correct one and the whole thread receives a solution.

Only the OP sees those check boxes so it prevents the average viewer from marking them.


You mean you want to close a topic (independent of marking an answer as the solution)? Normally topics are automatically closed x days after the last post. x=30 or so.

Do you mind elaborating where the use case you describe is applicable? As far as I am aware, only priveliged users can manually close a topic. If you point to a specific topic, someone can close it for you.

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So I should ask an administrator to set the topic in Solved status. I guess the issue is that user who have answered still get notification about a question the already have answered once.

I guess that OP stands for the Original post. Which is the user to raise the topic. I noticed that I can mark certain answers as a Solution. Though it doesn’t close the Topic and I can’t not always remember where there is a solution.

The solution will show up in the first post.

Additionally, solved posts have a square with a checkbox next to them on search results or category listings.


Ok! Now I get it :nerd_face:

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I think everyone who has already posted a reply plus the original poster (OP) gets an email each time there is another reply posted on the thread.

As of last August, we’re trying out not automatically closing old posts.

I actually don’t think this is a problem. That new answer might actually be a correction to what appeared initially to be the solution. We’ve configured the site to provide a message like this when replying to a topic marked as “solved”:

### This topic has a solution already

Only reply here if:

- You have additional details on the existing solution.

- You have another possible solution to the original problem.

If the marked solution does not work for you, please start a new topic instead of replying.


I wish we could present that a little more strongly, but I kind of feel better about it than locking threads just because there’s an apparent solution. Sometimes there’s more to the story. The downside is that sometimes people don’t heed the advice and continue with “I’m having a similar problem”.

Oh, and also, note that it’s not just moderators – anyone with “trust level 3” can (and should!) mark solutions, because that helps future visitors find answers quickly.

An email or other notification, depending on the individual’s notification preferences. But also, anyone, including the OP, can “mute” the thread so it no longer gives notifications by clicking on the :bell: icon by the thread.


Thank you for tha answere @Matthew Miller that made me understand.

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