Closing proposals after article is published

After an article proposal has made it through to publishing, we should be closing the topics or marking them as solved (or make a more suitable tag like “Published”) in the forum here.

Just a thought.


Just let me know how it should be done and I’m happy to comply. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, if you click on the wrench icon top right of the original post of the topic, there is an option to mark the topic as closed. I’m just not certain about whether the editor should close it upon publishing or the writer upon idea acceptance. I’d tend to defer to the writer in this instance, the only exception I can think of is articles that get approved without an assigned writer. But maybe it should be an editorial role.

I agree it should be closed on publishing. After acceptance there could still be some useful conversation to further winnow down the idea, I imagine.

Hi Steve:

I was going to close " Article proposal: Transitioning to Fedora" just now, but I do not see a wrench icon.

Hello @glb,
I can see it on all posts since I am a moderator at I believe the original poster should also have that ability. Also, if the Editorial Board members are moderator of the Magazine discussion posts, it should be accessible to them there. It is on the right hand side of the comments, the wrench scrolls with the comments as I go through them so it is always top right for me. Sometimes I have had to scroll to the first comment to find it though.
[Edit] Closed it now.

Hello @glb,
I closed that one for you, and Paul set you up to be able to close articles.